Creating with PassionDelivery with Excellence

Creative Design

Customized and personalized design


Scaled manufacturing sites with latest production facilities


Effective quality assurance and logistics management

Creating with PassionDelivery with Excellence

Creative Design

Currently, MingFeng has a team of designers from Europe, Asia and the region. By understanding the cultural value of the customer, brand story, product features and brand message, our designers can transfer a line of ideas into creative packaging designs.We will be able to provide customers with tailor-made packaging concepts, new images, and are committed to highlighting the advantages of customer brands, which enhance customer brand equity.

Comprehensive Production Capacity

Our new industrial Park is 230,000 square meters. To meet customer demand on prompt delivery, our three professional production bases are the MingFeng New Industrial Park, MingFeng New Valley Wooden Box Factory and MingFeng Biomass, as well as the large-scale production management experience accumulated over the years, which have jointly established the strong production capacity of "MingFeng Manufacturing."

MingFeng Yanwu Industrial Park focuses on various styles of printing boxes, rigid boxes and mixed medium packaging production. It is equipped with numerous, automatic production lines and advanced Roland and Heidelberg professional printing machinery to meet the fastest response, volume production and quality uniformity requirements.

MingFeng Xinguchong Industrial Park wooden box factory would achieve customized and precise mass production, with skilled craftsman and equipped with advanced PE painting, UV painting, an automatic piano paint spraying production line and automatic CNC shaving machines.

The MingFeng Biomass Park production base is equipped with advanced production equipment such as granulation, extrusion, injection molding, and compression molding, as well as other conventional material performance testing equipment. This is to ensure that we achieve the needs of our customers on mass production requirements for biomass products.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

The pursuit of perfection constitutes the craftmanship, exquisiteness and sophistication of MingFeng. With each and every bespoke piece, one may identity MingFeng’s pursuit for perfection in its craftsmanship. It is the most valuable asset based upon which MingFeng prides itself.Of the hundreds of production processes, each is handled with precise parameters. It is the single benchmark to define our craftsmen’s skills. Only seasoned craftsmen with more than ten years of experience can create every fine detail and overcome every difficulty in the pursuit of excellence.

Quality Assurance

With the establishment of a standardized system, MingFeng has achieved full-process control of product quality. Combined with a fully equipped quality testing laboratory, we ensure the compliance of standard environmental protection and consistency in product production quality.

Global Deployment

MingFeng’s design team and service centers have been strategically placed all over the world, including Asia, Europe and America. The strengths of these individual locations further contribute to our capabilities of meeting each of our customer’s needs and requirements with the fastest, most customized services and solutions, thereby achieving the most comprehensive global service.