R&D Platform

As a high-tech enterprise, MingFeng attaches great importance to independent innovation and technological development. Its engineering and technology research and development center has been recognized as a "Provincial-level Enterprise Technology Center" and "Engineering Technology Research Center".

The center has accumulated a wealth of packaging product development and automation system applications. It has systematic research and development capabilities in integrated materials, design, packaging technology, manufacturing, automation equipment, testing and other professional research fields. MingFeng strives to realize the environmental protection of production processes and environment. It has been actively adopting environmentally friendly materials and processes; it is committed to the research, development and application of energy-saving, environmentally friendly recycling-type packaging technology processes and materials. With its research and development capabilities and accumulation of intellectual property rights, MingFeng has mastered the core technologies and improved the overall packaging solution service capabilities. MingFeng's advantages in environmental protection ensure that we become a more competitive company.

Environmental protection patent

MingFeng has always explored how to use high and new technologies to give new meaning to the packaging and printing industry by realizing innovation-driven development. As a company with high-tech enterprise qualification in the industry, MingFeng insists on taking the market-oriented technological innovation path combining production, research and innovation. MingFeng, as a company participating in the formulation of national packaging printing industry standards, has participated in drafting and formulating a number of industry standards; it has led and participated in scientific and technological research and development projects; in particular, it has replaced many traditional customers by replacing the traditional wooden box with environmentally friendly bamboo plastic products. It further strengthened the determination and confidence of MingFeng to do environmental protection packaging. Each year, MingFeng has a number of high-tech products with a certain number of inventive patents, utility model patents, appearance patent applications and authorizations.